Make a Gift

Every gift is a token of love that is given willingly to a person you value in some way. You can even gift yourself something. When the gift is related to a travel, to the memories of a travel, it becomes a travel souvenir. It reminds yourself or someone whom you value, of your sojourn in a very sweet way. Never forget to acquire some souvenirs of your travel from the places you visit as memory refreshers that will help you relive your cherished moments again and again.


Aranmula Kannadi

Aranmula Mirror

This is a decorative metallic mirror of great traditional value. Native bronze-smiths of Aranmula, in South Kerala, traditionally engaged in the metallurgical craft of polishing bronze surface to reflective perfection, make this mirror with charming ornamentations and a handle.


Forehead adornment

This is the extravagant gold ceremonial adornment of the elephant, worn on its forehead during celebrations and ritual processions. Traditional craftsmen toil for more than 20 days to create this from about three and half kilograms of copper covered with 24 grams of gold.


Chundan Vallom

Snake Boat Replica

Snake boat race is a part of festival functions in Kerala, wherever there is enough stretch of water. This decorative item is a replica made of traditional anjili wood used in making a snake boat with raised stern which may be around 36 metre long accommodating up to 200 oarsmen.

Kasavu (Gold-brocaded)
Mundu from Balaramapuram

These symbols of traditional elegance made by traditional weaver communities are very delicate pure cotton handloom items of clothing like sari, mundu (cloth that covers waist down) and Neryathu (cloth worn over the shoulders) with borders adorned with golden-thread.


Nataraja Vigraham

Statue of Dancing Shiva illustration

This is one of the most popular sculptural symbols of Indian culture and one of the finest illustrations of traditional Indian art. Though these sculptural pieces are generally known as ‘Nataraja bronzes’ in the West, they are now mostly cast in copper and some in brass.


Arabian trading vessel Model

This is a replica of Uru, trading vessel that the Arab sea traders traditionally got made in North Kerala, from ancient times. The quality timber, expert craftsmen and native technology made Arabs come here. Each vessel would require 50 men working for four years to complete.


Shopping at UDS Hotels

You can purchase your gifts, souvenirs of your visit to God’s Own Country, in the form of traditional handicraft products, other decorative items, hand-loom-woven clothes, replicas of things of cultural value, etc., from shop facilities inside UDS Hotels. Clothes for use in the pool, at the beach and for routine daily wear and items like slippers and sunglasses are also available in these shops at fair price.