Meet the Team

UDS Hotels is part of RR Holiday Homes Pvt Ltd., a multiple-business Group with a prominent national presence. Established in 1995, the Group’s interests span tourism and hospitality to flight catering and restaurants, education and engineering hardware manufacturing.With registered office in Trivandrum and main office in Mumbai, RR Holiday Homes is focused on building world-class resorts in Kerala and elsewhere in India.


S. Rajasekharan Nair

Chairman & Managing Director

UDS Hotels and Resorts, as we see it today, is built on the clear foresight, sharp business acumen, confident entrepreneurship and tireless perseverance of Rajashekharan Nair. He is one of those futurists whose past has been the leap board to inventive goals that make a difference to people and society in more ways than one.

Starting with a chain of restaurants in Mumbai, where his experience lay, he ventured into the more holistic aspects of hospitality and gave shape to the Group’s flagship venture – Udaya Samudra Kovalam. Today, five world-class resorts offer the world a true taste of five vantage locales in Kerala. However, none of these properties are purely business ventures. All of them combine a great sense of social responsibility bringing a change to people and sustaining the environs, thanks to Rajashekharan Nair’s great love for Nature, and commitment to development.

Udayachandrika Nair

Executive Director

The very talented Udayachandrika Nair ( Radha Nair) is a successful entrepreneur in her own rights. One of the most admired actresses of South Indian cinema, she has her own production studios for music records and television serials. RR Travels, Mumbai, is her pet project and main interest. Radha Nair’s popularity and warm persona inspire confidence and a sense of belonging among staff; which in turn enables them to make guests feel at home at any UDS property.


Karthika Nair


Karthika Nair is a highly talented Indian film actress who has shined in outstanding roles in Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam films and in an epic TV series, winning many accolades. She is very selective about her roles and has appeared only in very well-written and challenging roles. She is a Graduate in Corporate Business from Cambridge University, UK, and is presently doing her MBA in business studies. She contributes a lot to the team spirit of the UDS Group and her presence inspires all to perform better.



MBA - Convocation Ceremony of Mr. Vignesh Nair, Director, UDS Group of Hotels
Held in University of Houston, United States of America.


Raja Gopaal Iyer

Chief Executive Officer

Raja Gopaal Iyer works with innovative and creative insights and a realistic vision. Having been with UDS Hotels and Resorts almost from its inception, he is rightly cued to the opportunities and evolving market dynamics in the hospitality industry. With in-depth research and analysis he formulates effective strategies that make UDS properties a prime choice for discerning guests. Over a three-decade career, Raj has also consistently tried to make a difference to the destination through socially and environmentally responsible projects.