Event Services

We at UDS abide by the 'Namskar' culture that is built upon principles of warm cordiality, welcoming hospitality and mutual respect, making us pioneers in hospitality. We offer a wide range of services that will aid your event experience, from planning to execution.

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Event Management

Uday Palace Convention Centre has an in-house team of event management experts that will help you plan and execute your special occasion from start to finish. Our experienced panel of event managers can assist you to host your special day just as you had dreamed it.



Uday Palace Convention Centre features a travel desk that will facilitate in making travel arrangements for you and your guests. Our staff can aid in the booking and planning of travel arrangements to the convention centre that is well connected and is easily accessible.

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Hotel Bookings

The UDS Group also features three luxurious hotels, two of which are close to the convention centre. You can book comfortable accommodations for yourself and your guests at our hotels that boast luxurious living, and spectacular views of the locale 

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Bridal Arrangements

Your wedding is most likely going to be the most photographed day of your life, making bridal beauty an important aspect of your wedding. We employ a team of experienced and professional makeup artists that will make sure to bring out your true beauty, on your momentous day.


Photography & Videography

Capture your most significant day and commemorate it with photographs that will serve as a testament to your once-in-a-lifetime experience. Whether you prefer the traditional or candid style, our photographers and videographers will ensure that your special day is captured right.



Treat yourself and your guests to delectable delicacies that will not only satisfy your hunger but also excite your taste buds. We offer a wide range of dishes and menu choices to celebrate your noteworthy day. You can customize and modify the menu to your liking to enjoy the mouthwatering delicacies of your dreams prepared by world-class chefs.